Why It’s Better to Work with a Direct Carrier Than a Broker

Why is Using a Direct Carrier or Trucking Company a Better Choice Than Using a Broker?

It’s of the utmost importance for shippers to make sure that products are transported efficiently, safely, and within schedule with every shipment. However, the amount of options when it comes to selecting the right carriers and shipping options can make the process daunting.

One of the best ways to make the right decision for your shipments is to understand the fundamental differences between asset-based companies and brokers.

What Are Asset-Based Carriers and Trucking Companies?

Asset-based companies include direct carriers and trucking companies that own their own equipment, including trucks, warehouses, and tools. They use this equipment to store and ship various types of freight for clients. These companies typically have longer histories and provide a wide range of services such as shipping, distribution, warehousing, and logistics.

Working with asset-based carriers enables clients to benefit from direct communication with the transportation provider. Ultimately, working with these companies can provide maximum convenience.

Brokerage Carriers

Brokers—or non-asset-based transportation companies—are providers that don’t own or operate and of their own equipment for national or international shipments. On the other hand, brokers often have a large network of carriers, serving as middle men between shippers and trucking companies.

While brokers may have plenty of resources in their network, they eliminate the comfort of direct communication. The large number of brokers and networks also means there is more room for companies that will overcharge for low-quality services. These potential issues make choosing asset-based carriers and trucking companies more ideal than working with brokers in many cases.

Work with the Right Provider

If you’re looking for the right trucking company, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with professionals you can trust. While many turn to brokers to utilize a network of carriers and equipment, it may be best to work with a trucking company or carrier that’s capable of providing the resources and communication you need for a more direct relationship.

Regardless of the type of company you choose for your shipments, the best way to find the right company for you is to do your research and compare pricing and reputability. If a company offers the most affordable prices but has a questionable background, it’s probably best to look elsewhere to avoid compromising quality for reduced costs. Direct carriers are often more reliable than brokers, with years of experience in the shipping industry to help maintain consistent quality across all of their services.

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