What is Short Haul Trucking?

While the latest technology and modern trucks are the pillars of the trucking industry, the truck drivers remain the industry’s backbone. The industry is diverse, and one specific sub-niche is especially attractive to drivers. However, if you don’t know anything about it, you won’t be able to make a smart decision.

Whether you are a trucker thinking about switching to short-haul trucking or you want to invest in dependable short-haul trucking services, the following information will help you make an educated choice.

Understanding Short Haul Trucking

Short-haul trucking got its name from the short distance required for goods delivery. Usually, when someone mentions trucking, people are under the impression that truckers need to transport shipments to destinations several hundreds of miles in one direction.

Short-haul trucking is nothing like that. It involves transporting goods with a 150-mile radius. Yes, short-haul truckers sometimes need to cover distances of over 200 miles in both directions. On the other hand, they can do it in one day and always be relatively close to their homes. Now that we have the definition out of the way, let’s see what short-haul trucking has to bring to drivers and businesses.

Benefits of Short Haul Trucking for Drivers

Long-haul truckers often have to spend weeks being away from their homes and families because they have to transport goods to destinations often thousands of miles away in one direction. Short-haul truckers have a job that resembles a one with regular work hours. They spend considerably less time on the road and can achieve a better work-life balance.

Short-haul truckers quickly grow familiar with the routes they need to take. Since they operate in the same radius, they quickly learn the best routes for their rig, getting their shipment from point A to point B in the most efficient manner.

Long-haul truckers are required to use an electronic logging device to stay compliant with hours of service (HoS) requirements. The good thing about being a short-haul driver is that you don’t need to track your HoS compliance because you will be traveling within a 150-mile radius.

Advantages of Using Short Haul Trucking Services

Short-haul trucking services cater to the needs of businesses that often need to have truckload delivered across town or wider city area. Whether it is a home or warehouse delivery, a short-haul trucking service is a viable option.

Some trucking companies specialize in short-haul trucking, which means that you’ll get your shipment transported according to your guidelines and so much more.

For instance, since, most often, once a short-haul trucker handles shipments in your business area, you will be able to develop a relationship based on trust. Some companies also offer dedicated short-haul trucking services to help businesses always have access to a reliable trucker.

These truckers know the city map like the back of their hand. They know exactly where the low clearance bridges are and how to make the fastest route while avoiding passenger-vehicle-only roads. Pair this knowledge with the estimated time of arrival and GPS tracking, and you’ll know exactly when your shipments will arrive.

Hopefully, now you understand what short-haul trucking entails. It is one of the trucking industry sectors with the highest stability. As you can see, it holds many benefits for both truckers and businesses that depend on trucking services. Drivers are closer to home and benefit from work-life balance, while companies streamline their supply chain management thanks to dependable and efficient service.

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