What is a Dedicated CDL Driver?

There are many types of drivers, each best suited for different business models and needs. For businesses that deliver to repeat customers or if you want a driver who is assigned to work for your company only, a dedicated CDL driver may be right for you. A dedicated CDL driver is a driver who:

  • Has earned their commercial driver's license (CDL), which is is a driver's license needed to operate large, heavy, or hazardous material vehicles in commerce.
  • Operates in a specific (usually local) area and delivers goods to the same customers each time.

Dedicated driving is a competitive position, so dedicated truck drivers are highly qualified. Typically, a driver will need at least a year of trucking experience before having the ability to work as a dedicated CDL driver to understand safe driving practices and how to deliver goods efficiently.

Benefits of Using Dedicated CDL Drivers for Your Business

From safety guarantee to reliable service, there are many benefits of adding a dedicated CDL driver to your business.

Reliable Equipment and Service

A dedicated truck driver offers reliable equipment and service to your business. Having a dedicated CDL driver means you have a driver that is committed just to your shipping needs. This means that even when it comes to rush shipments, a dedicated driver is available and ready when needed, which means your company can avoid late deliveries and provide reliable service to customers as well.

What’s more, the truck and equipment is also dedicated to your business needs. Your business doesn’t need to go through the time, trouble, and cost of finding and buying your own trucks – the dedicated trucking company will provide a truck that is specific to your needs in regard to size and other important factors.

Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Because a dedicated CDL driver needs trucking experience and to earn a commercial driver’s license, your business can have peace of mind knowing your goods are being transported safely and within regulations. Furthermore, dedicated trucking companies need to follow certain regulations for efficient and safe operations. To determine whether or not a potential trucking company follows the necessary regulations for your type of cargo, be sure to check the dedicated company’s documentation.

Effective, Flexible Transportation Solutions

If you own your own trucks and equipment and If you find your business growing exponentially and suddenly needing additional supply, you would be stuck with significant costs to meet this demand, assuming you owned your own trucks and equipment. A dedicated group offers a flexible and scalable solution. When you use a dedicated CDL driver, the dedicated company will have the trucks, equipment, and other resources needed ready as soon as needed, at a much lower cost than if you were to buy your own. Additionally, since the resources will be ready when needed, there is no risk of late deliveries, compared to the risk when needing to wait on new purchases for your private fleet.

Trucking Insurance

When you buy your own fleet for your business, you are responsible for repairs and regular maintenance. This is an added cost and headache for your company. When you use a dedicated CDL driver, the dedicated trucking company owns the vehicles used and has them insured. Therefore, all repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the dedicated trucking company, at no cost or concern to you.

Learn More from JRC Dedicated Services

Interested in employing a dedicated CDL driver for your business? Contact us at JRC Dedicated Services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about dedicated drivers and what they can do for your business’s success.

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