Warehousing for Small Ecommerce Businesses

Do you know that almost 12% of total retail sales take place online? This is why many entrepreneurs are shifting online. The ecommerce model has become one of the most popular business models in the past 10 years.

One of the most important aspects of this business model is warehousing. Small ecommerce businesses have to think big when it comes to warehousing if they want to make a name for themselves in this industry. Here at JRC, we have a lot of experience in this field.

These are the best warehousing practices for small ecommerce businesses:

Diversification of Warehousing Services

In order to succeed, a small ecommerce business needs a 3PL warehousing company that supports their omnichannel approach to sales. This is crucial especially for ecommerce businesses focused on physical product sales.

When a warehousing solution offers services that support both online shopping and ordering by phone, ecommerce business can focus on more pressing matters, including marketing, restocking, and so on.

Efficient Delivery Time of Multiple Orders

3PL warehousing providers can drastically improve customer experience by reducing order-shipping time. Pushing orders across the warehouse in an efficient manner is very important. When a small ecommerce business works with a partner that has an optimized delivery process, it can feel safe knowing that the orders will get shipped efficiently.

Cutting-edge Warehousing Management System

Retail fulfilment today is very different than from just a couple of years ago. Today, we see customers placing many small orders. Handling these orders by using old-school methods is no longer viable. Why? Because it is repetitive work that leaves a lot of space for errors.

Outsourcing warehousing to a company that uses the state-of-the-art warehousing management system is paramount. This significantly improves the efficiency of internal warehousing processes and ensures that your goods get to the customer in time.

Accurate Order Management

As a small ecommerce business owner, you should know that you have to do everything in your power to track your shipments and have insight into all shipping data. This will enable you to optimize your processes and keep your customers satisfied. Warehousing is very important here.

This is why you should look for warehousing solutions powered by distributed order management and IT-enabled systems. Thanks to this, you will always be able to have an insight into your inventory and react accordingly.

Warehousing plays a vital role in small ecommerce business operations. Partnering up with a reputable and reliable 3PL warehousing company can mean the difference between success and downfall. Reach out to JRC Dedicated Services today to solve all your small business ecommerce warehousing headaches.

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