Top 2020 Logistics Trends to Watch Out For

Technology is advancing by the day, and so is the way we’re viewing shipping, logistics, and perfecting the supply chain. Supply chains have existed in one form or another ever since the Industrial Revolution.

The logistics industry has changed quite a lot in the past couple of years, ever since the adaptation of automation and other advanced technologies. Processes that would require extensive study, calculation, and filing skills were cut down to mere minutes due to new processing and technology.

The good thing about this is that technology is ever-evolving. Every single year we see an improvement in computing and logistics. But what are the brand new logistics trends that we should expect to see in the following year?

Here are the current trends in logistics you should watch out for.

Green Solutions to Logistics

Logistics and shipping account for a lot of global emissions. With newly introduced green laws to protect the environment, the next big thing will be turning the process “green.”

Let’s face the facts, trucks, ships, trains, planes, vans, and other vehicles that are used for delivery emit quite a lot of harmful materials. Most of these vehicles run on diesel, which isn’t the cleanest fuel. Logistics and shipping departments need to integrate green energy into their processes if they want to survive this green revolution.

The proper utilization of eco-friendly resources is integral to the survival of big logistics names. Better vehicle loading, newer and “greener” vehicles, and other shipping methods can help reduce emissions drastically.

Modern companies require modern solutions. The green revolution is why companies must keep their inner workings as clean as possible for the betterment of humankind. Another useful aspect of going green as a logistics company is the best possible PR. Customers appreciate a company that reduces their carbon footprint, and adopting green practices may be the best PR for your brand.

Integration of AI Technology

Tesla might be the pioneer of AI technology in the vehicle market, but the idea behind artificial intelligence has been around for years. In the past couple of years, though, this technology has seen integration within the logistic industry. Last-mile delivery robots, robotics, AI guided transportation, and predictive optimization are just the start of this technology.

AI may change the industry from its roots, and ultimately take over some of the human aspects. Unlike humans, AI is much less likely to commit errors. Shipping, supply, and carry chains will all see a revolution as soon as AI gets to the required level.

AI isn’t the only thing that is integrated within the industry, as Augmented Intelligence is also skyrocketing in popularity. AUI is combining the AI aspect and human workers to optimize the process and pave the way for full AI logistics sectors.

AUI is also far less expensive than AI to integrate within a business. It will increase worker productivity, effectiveness, and cut down on expenses while maximizing profits.

AI is still a relatively primitive technology, but it is improving by the day.

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain isn’t only related to cryptocurrencies, but with the logistics industry as well. It’s one of the newest additions to the logistics sector, and it comes with complications. While this tech is unique and very complicated, it promises to change the game completely.

Blockchain has worked as an open ledger of transactions in a network. Everyone within a system has the same ledger of transactions. The absolute transparency of these transactions makes it impossible for people with malicious intent to hack or change the blockchain.

This technology has a lot of different applications in the logistics industry. Increasing security and the protection of sensitive data is one of them. Safety is of the utmost importance, especially when customer information or transactions are concerned. Some companies are trying to integrate the industry and the new technology, and it’s only improving by the day.

The future holds quite a lot of opportunity for blockchain technology. The full integration of this technology within all industries has been outright enormous, but true integration hasn’t happened outside of the financing sector. The second most probable integration effort is logistics, so strap on, it's going to be a revolutionary breakthrough.

Warehouse Robotics

Warehouses have seen quite a lot of improvements since their introduction and widespread use. Long gone are the days of teenagers operating heavy machinery. We’re going to see yet another revolution in warehouses, this time in the shape and form of automated robotics.

Robots aren’t going to start reducing the need for human workers – they’re going to accomplish dangerous and difficult tasks and minimize errors during dull and repetitive ones. This will allow humans to work in better sectors for better paychecks.

We’re going to see a surge in popularity when it comes to robotics, and it’s not long before they’ll be widespread. They’ll most certainly be a valuable addition to our workplace.

New Generation of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is critical in the field of logistics. A lot of sensitive information is changing hands and screens every day. With this ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity is extremely hard to come by. Through the integration of blockchain technology and advanced cybersecurity teams, cybercrime will decrease in prominence. These new technologies are going to revolutionize the way we do transactions.

With the introduction of new cyber protocols, we’re going to see a surge in cybersecurity and cybersecurity awareness. Most logistics centers and offices have been a victim of hacking at one point or another.

Companies like JRC Dedicated Services have improved their cybersecurity and are known for keeping up with the times. The times are changing, and logistics services need to survive the shifting tides. By embracing these trends and benefitting from their advantages, we are advancing our services daily.

At JRC Dedicated Services, we take pride in our advanced logistics services. From tech-driven warehousing solutions to optimized trucking services, we’re here to offer you the best logistics solutions. Reach out to us today to find out more about how your business can benefit from the current logistics trends in 2020!

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