Cross Docking Services in Chicago

Cross Docking is a means of consolidating inventory for a quick turn and delivery. This may be receiving multiple shipments in or one shipment in with multiple delivery points out. Often our clients are looking for a short-term bridge solution between shipment and delivery in the Chicago area. With multiple docks and a large warehouse we can solve almost any cross dock problem.

JRC Warehousing is conveniently located just miles from downtown Chicago. We can receive inventory for Chicago and surrounding suburbs and deliver efficiently and cost effectively as needed.

Our cross docking services include:

InterModal Cross Docking

For inbound container shipments, we can pick up your containers at the various multiple railyards in Chicago and bring to our Skokie facility. Once here we can unload, receive into inventory, confirm shipment accuracy, sort and segregate for delivery. JRC can load your specified carriers, whether its a common or private carrier, or deliver for you using JRC Trucking.

Live Cross Docking

With multiple front and rear docks, our warehouse can receive a large number of trucks at once. Trucks can be offloaded and reloaded in a matter of hours. Reloading is normally done to route specifications. If there are multiple drop offs, the first load out is in the tail of the truck as needed. This mini distribution hub allows for a greater flexible delivery of your inventory with a minimal stopover.

Standard Cross Docking

Normally our cross dock clients are looking to solve a short term problem. Cross dock product can stay on our floor up to 3 days reducing the cost of storage. This gives our clients the time they need to consolidate shipments or schedule deliveries to their customers. This is especially useful when:

  • there is a conflict with delivery
  • there is a conflict with when inventory can be accepted
  • equipment being used to transport inventory is unsuitable for delivery to the final destination
  • final destination lacks a dock or requires a lift gate

Dedicated Experience with Cross Docking in Chicagoland

Downtown Chicago is difficult for over the road tractor trailers due to their size. With our fleet of 42,45, 48 and 53 foot trailers and straight trucks, JRC can handle difficult urban deliveries. Fifteen years of experience gives us the knowledge to move product in and around in the traffic of Chicago.

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