Dedicated Trucking

JRC Dedicated Services is a Chicago and suburban trucking company with over 15 years in business. We specialize in same day deliveries in the Chicago area. We know how to move freight in the best way possible around the Chicagoland area.

Benefits of Dedicated Trucking

Why use a dedicated truck service? Our customers need multiple pick up and deliveries almost every day, LTL and FTL. The volume is high enough and the reliability and flexibility required seem to demand a private fleet. A dedicated trucking service offers the same capacity that many companies need while reducing costs. Instead of managing their transportation needs with their own private fleet, they rely on JRC to provide the equipment and manpower.

Our customers no longer worry about:

  • proper fleet maintenance
  • trucking insurance
  • hiring and regulatory compliance

Because we fully cover these aspects, customers can stay comfortable in knowing that their dedicated trucking needs are in the hands of people with the experience needed for many types of operations. You'll be able to remain focused on running your business while our experts manage every aspect of the trucking process to ensure that customers receive products on time, and warehouses or other facilities receive timely shipments when needed.

Trucking Service in and Around Chicago

Our dedicated trucking service conveniently offers clients flexibility for all their trucking, shipping and delivery needs. Our dedicated trucks allow us to use the right equipment for the job. For larger loads we use a standard 53’ trailer. They are ideal for longer runs to Decatur or Rockford. In the city of Chicago we use our 46’ trailers. Getting in and out of tight spots requires a smaller more versatile fleet. Besides Chicago we cover Skokie, Morton Grove, Niles, Waukegan, Joliet and Rockford. See our service map for complete area served.

Wherever you need our trucking services, we'll work hard to make sure that our services are of consistent quality.

Customized Chicago Dedicated Trucking Service

We work closely with our customers to understand what their transportation requirements are today and what they anticipate they will be in the future. We invest in drivers and equipment that will be committed to that customer. Currently our fleet includes 53 and 46 foot trailers, flatbed service and straight trucks with lift gates. By outsourcing their daily or weekly transportation needs to us, our customers get to focus on their core business. Because there are no rigid fleet sizes fixed costs are reduced and our customers know that whatever transportation needs arise JRC can handle it for them.

With our customized dedicated trucking services behind your business, you'll be able to benefit from a solution that gets you the kind of results you want, without any of the frustrations that you might otherwise experience. We work hard to make sure that each of our customers can get the most from their dedicated trucking and other operations, along with other services we offer.

Why JRC Trucking

  • State of the Art Technology including Rand McNally GPS on all of our trucks
  • We are financially strong with 15 years of experience and growth
  • The customers comes first
  • Our drivers they have been with us many years and we work together as a team to provide you with reliable service

Is a Dedicated Trucking Service Right for You?

Contact us today at to find out more. We're ready to get started providing dedicated trucking services and more for you today to give your business what it needs to thrive. By contacting us today, you'll be able to learn more about our dedicated trucking and other services that we offer, including cross docking and warehousing.

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