Selecting the Right Warehouse Storage Location

Opening a new warehouse is not a simple process. Many factors need to be considered. One of the essential details is the physical location of the warehouse itself. However, there is a long list of additional factors that need to be taken into account.

The stock, storage area, and management all need to be considered when selecting the right warehouse location. Everything must be in order if you want to maintain a smooth workflow. A lot of businesses make the mistake of focusing on two things: the location and the size of the warehouse. Even though these things are important, they aren’t the only things that matter.

Here is everything you need to consider when selecting a new warehouse location:

Outline your requirements

To make sure that you find the best storage space along with the location. Before starting the location scouting, you need to understand your needs. You need to set the right criteria to know whether a certain warehouse is right for you.

Consider the layout and the approaches to the warehouse. Think about the size of the space and whether it has room for expansion. Whether it can be accessed easily and have the logistical features for flawless warehouse operations. Having a close location won’t be that effective if these requirements aren’t met. You’ll waste time and money on your operations if you don’t know your needs.

Is there enough workforce available in the area?

The demographics of the location where your warehouse is located is very important. Establish your labor needs and see if that location has the desired workforce that will work for the pay you are offering.

Not every location will have that and when you don’t have enough employees to run your warehouse properly, you’ll see business losses. Also, a small workforce means that you will have to pay employees more which can create additional company costs.

Consider the long-term

The location might be right, but do you know if you can rent it for a whole season or whether the owner plans to do something with it in the future? You need to find a location that offers longevity so that you can use it for a long time. Switching from one warehouse to another causes more expenses and downtime which is not good for business.

Proximity to your carrier services

The location of your warehouse needs to be near your carrier services. This will streamline the shipping process and you’ll be able to deliver products to consumers faster. You need to create a balance with your location that is both convenient to carrier services and close to the majority of your customer base.

This way you’ll have less shipping costs and your customers will be more satisfied with your services. If you tip the balance to one side, your business will suffer, as both your customers and operational costs are very important.

Overall, make sure to do extensive research when considering a certain warehouse storage location. All these factors need to be considered as well as the price of the warehouse to determine if it pays off or not.

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