Pros of Asset-Based Trucking

Some of the top priorities of your business include delivering your products safely and on time. This is crucial for customer satisfaction and in order to do this properly, you’ll need a reliable distribution service provider.

Partnering with a professional trucking company will make or break your business, but how can you make the right choice, when there are so many options out there? The answer may be in asset-based trucking.

Asset-based carriers have their own equipment, such as trucks and warehouse space. Here are the most important benefits of teaming up with an asset-based trucking provider.

Lower Freight Costs

Since asset-based trucking companies have their own equipment, you can save a significant amount of money by working with one. Your chosen provider can ship your products at a much lower price, as there will be no additional costs for covering the equipment.

They’ll make sure their equipment operates perfectly because it’s in their interest to meet all your needs. You won’t have to pay for any potential damage to the equipment or for its maintenance and operation.

You also won’t deal with carriers bidding on loads because they don’t own or operate the necessary equipment. You will only deal with predictable, and sometimes even fixed freight costs. You’ll be able to save money and better plan your expenses.

Improved Consistency

Consistency is vital for the success of your business. If you’re not consistent in your operations, a lot of opportunities for growth can easily slip through your fingers.

Your customers expect a consistent service from you. They want you to deliver your products on time and damage-free 100% of the time, which is why you need to streamline your shipping and delivery operations.

Working with an asset-based trucking company will help you achieve just that. You’ll ensure a much better consistency when it comes to the pickup and delivery of your products. Working closely with a single company will provide you with a consistent performance so that you and your customers are always satisfied.

Establishing a Strong Relationship with the Provider

Partnering with an asset-based trucking provider enables you to build a strong, meaningful relationship with them. They work directly with you, so they’re able to meet your needs easier and more effectively.

This is especially important when it comes to higher seasonal demand. An asset-based trucking company that you have a great relationship with will make sure there are absolutely no delays in pickup and delivery, or any other issues. You’ll be their valued customer, so they’ll make sure that you can truly rely on them.

JRC Dedicated Services offers professional and reliable asset-based trucking and warehousing. We’re committed to delivering fast, accurate, and reliable services, customized to meet our every client’s unique needs.

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