Is Dry Van Shipping Right for Me?

When you’re facing a logistics decision for the first time in your life, it’s essential to factor in all the information. With, what seems like, endless logistics solutions, it is hard to know which one to pick.

If you’re not yet familiar with dry van shipping, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll answer several questions for you, including what is a dry van, and what is a dry van in trucking. By the end, you’ll be able to decide whether a dry van shipping is right for you.

What is a Dry Van in Trucking?

A dry van is a term used for trucks equipped to carry out a dry van shipping service. More precisely, a dry van is a trailer that is connected to a truck. So, if you’re still wondering to yourself “what is a dry van in trucking?”, this answers your question. Now let’s take a look at dry van shipping.

The term dry van is used for trailers that have compartments used to haul shipments. These containers are rather large and rectangular. In the world of logistics, this is the most common method of transportation of goods.

While dry van transportation can be used for transporting any equipment, you will often see cargo, boxes, and pallets transported via dry vans.

Uses for Dry Van Shipping

Dry van shipping is often used because it is very affordable. It is affordable because a dry van doesn’t feature any climate alteration systems. Meaning, there is no temperature control in the trailers. The goods inside are exposed to the outside temperature — a fundamental factor to consider.

If you need to transport goods that have to be refrigerated, dry van shipping is not for you. On the other hand, it is a perfect option if you need to transport consumer goods. Industries that use it include:

  • Entertainment
  • Food and beverage (non-refrigerated products)
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Cleaning products
  • Health & beauty
  • Manufacturing

Convenience of Dry Van Shipping

One of the main reasons for dry van shipping’s popularity is the convenience it offers to businesses. Let’s say you need to transport a large amount of freight from point A to point B. Dry van shipping can help you do this in the most efficient manner possible.

Besides being able to carry a large amount of freight, a dry van trailer will enable you to organize the goods conveniently.

Versatility of Dry Van Trucking

The versatility of dry van trucking is the thing that keeps it at the top of most popular logistics services. Dry van trailers are designed to protect the freight from potential damage and weather. They are also secure so that goods are protected from theft as well.

All of this enables dry van trucking to be used for both LTL shipments and full truckloads. They are preferred in LTL shipments arrangements because they can carry large amounts of cargo and they reduce the transportation bill.

The easy loading and offloading of cargo promotes dry van trucking use for full truckloads. Thanks to this, dry van trucking specifications can include custom delivery and pick-up arrangements.

Finding the Best Dry Van Freight Rates Is Easy

If you decide to go with a dry van in trucking, you should know that there are plenty of reliable shipping companies out there. JRC Dedicated Services, will assess your needs for free and send you a quote to your email as soon as possible.

Hopefully, by now you have an answer to the “what is a dry van” question and have decided if these services are right for you. For assistance with all your shipping needs contact JRC today!

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