How to Assess Facility Design When Choosing a Warehouse Provider

In a lot of cases when companies are renting warehouse space, they neglect its design. However, if you want your supply chain to be efficient and work properly, you have to consider how the warehouse is designed. A warehouse’s operations are directly affected by its design, and some warehouses aren’t suitable for certain operations.

This is why you need to assess the design of the entire facility before renting a warehouse. You don’t want to commit to a warehouse provider or rent a facility, only to realize that it won’t work for you. Here is how to avoid unnecessary costs while improving your efficiency.

Think About the Goods You’re Storing

The first thing you need to consider when looking at your warehouse design are the products that will be stored in the facility. The characteristics of your goods need to be carefully considered – their shape, size, number of units that need to be stored daily, and so on.

Additionally, some goods need more space to be transported and stocked in the facility. Make sure that the warehouse can handle all the actions that need to be done with the goods you plan on storing.

Consider Your Objectives

A warehouse can be used for various purposes. Some organizations use it primarily for receiving inventory, some establish pick and pack operations to increase efficiency, and some use warehouses for their cross-docking needs. Make sure to define your objectives and specific goals your organization needs to achieve.

Try to visualize all the processes that will be happening and see whether something is missing. See if there is enough space and whether the actual warehouse is designed for the purposes you need.

Look at the Physical Characteristics of the Warehouse

The infrastructure of the warehouse, its characteristics, and dimensions have a big role to play in how the facility will be used. Consider important features like shelf designs, capacity for distribution, option for different installations, and so on.

Additionally, think about the layout and how everything is organized and whether there is enough room for all the operations inside. On top of that, look at windows, boxes, power lines, floors, and access to ensure that nothing is hindering your warehouse operations.

Security Features

None of the factors above will matter if your warehouse is unsafe. Find a warehouse that has great security systems installed to help protect your goods. Things like 24/7 alarm systems that activate automatically are generally a good idea. It’s also good to have video monitoring on the interior, but also on all the outside entrances.

This is especially important if your goods are highly valuable and easy to carry out. Additionally, having good security will increase accountability and help you track back issues and mistakes to the right people.

These are some of the essential things you need to consider in your warehouse design. Bear in mind that there are other things you should check as well, including price, location, technologies, and so on.

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