FTL Trucking

With JRC FTL trucking services, the quality and safety of your shipment will never be compromised. We understand that your FTL shipment is precious and important, so we work to complete your shipment as fast and efficiently as possible, so you can continue on with your business. JRC’s private fleet was designed to ensure your peace of mind. With the most seasoned transportation professionals in the industry, your shipment will arrive safely and on-time.

When to Use FTL Trucking

FTL trucking should be used when you have a large shipment or extra delicate shipment. Full truckload shipping uses one dedicated truck. There are no other shipments contained in that truck besides yours. If your shipment is relatively high-risk or delicate (such as glass products) it may be best to choose FTL trucking even if your shipment does not take up a whole container.

Since your shipment is using a whole truck, FTL trucking is more expensive, but there are plenty of advantages to FTL trucking such as:

  • No shipment transfers
  • Fast and efficient: FTL trucking shipments make no extra stops to drop off other customers shipments
  • Great for large shipments
  • The best choice for substantially large or high-risk shipments

JRC Full Truckload (FTL) Trucking

JRC offers FTL services to all of our clients. FTL services are for point-to-point service in the Chicagoland area.

Our Full TruckLoad Process

At JRC we typically complete live load deliveries and unload in the same day. For high volume customers, we may use multiple trailers to increase efficiency in transporting materials. In order to achieve the most efficient service, we drop off an empty trailer for the customer to load at a time that’s convenient to them.

When the trailer reaches capacity, our customers call us and we return to leave another empty and take the full load to its final destination. This process is extremely practical for all customers especially for customers working weekends, warehouse moves, or loads that need to be delivered early the next day. Whatever the situation requires, JRC can find the perfect solution for efficient delivery. We have a wide range of trailer sizes to meet your load requirements (extra heavy or shorter for urban delivery).

Nationwide Service Options for FTL Trucking

If your company requires FTL trucking, JRC has partnered with brokers nationwide to help service you. As a broker for other carriers and partners, we can offer competitive rates throughout the United States. Extending beyond the Chicagoland area, you’ll be able to use our national trucking services across the country because of our wide network of connections in the industry.

Contact JRC for Your Next FTL Shipment

Call us to determine the best ways to move your FTL deliveries. We can help you select the right FTL trailers and provide you with a complete fleet that can help keep all deliveries efficient from start to finish. Your business will benefit from a complete fleet that can give you the best achievable results. JRC is your partner for all your FTL shipment needs.

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