Distribution Advantages of Midwestern Warehousing

A lot of thought and planning goes into warehousing and logistics, regardless of the type of business you might be involved in. For a long time, the Midwest, and Chicago specifically, have been thought of as the ideal places for warehousing.

What makes the Midwestern region so special, however, and what makes it the top choice for many businesses? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Midwestern warehousing.

Easier Product Distribution

Product distribution across the United States and the world can be quite challenging, to say the least. Not every location is optimized for handling large amounts of freight, so scheduling the transportation can prove to be a nightmare.

When it comes to the Midwestern region, however, ever since the first cities were founded, the focus has been on building the transportation infrastructure.

For example, Chicago has been developed thanks to the construction of the Illinois and Michigan canal, connecting the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi River. Construction of waterways has been the reason for Chicago’s rapid growth.

A Variety of Shipping Options

The variety of transportation options and great transportation infrastructure allow businesses to plan their delivery in a way that’s the most convenient to them.

Boasting excellent railway systems, some of the largest highways in the USA, one of the busiest airports in the world, and connecting waterways, the Midwest allows for a much easier product distribution around the world.

Businesses can choose any of the shipping options that are the most suitable for them, and the shipping options can easily be changed in no time.

Third-Party Logistics

Local warehousing services have the advantage of being familiar with the region. Most Midwestern warehouses handle third-party logistics and can help businesses save time and money.

Knowledge of the routes and advanced GPS fleet tracking allow these 3PL providers to find the best routes, ensuring that the transportation of goods is quick and reliable.

Centralizing warehousing and distribution in the Midwestern regions allows businesses to provide better customer service, as well. With over half of the US population being just a day or two long truck drive away from the Midwest, businesses can deliver their goods in almost no time at all, thus ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

Reduced Spending

Primarily, by centralizing warehousing and distribution in one location, such as the Midwest, businesses can lower their operational costs. There’s no need to pay for the rent and utilities in multiple locations. Money is saved on equipment and technology necessary for handling different processes since everything is located in one place.

Such stable management allows businesses to optimize their costs, attracting more customers with price reductions.

Another reason why Midwestern warehousing is more affordable is because of the lower living costs as well. Metropolitan areas in the Midwest are more affordable than on the East or West Coast, making business here generally less costly.

Midwestern warehousing is the most logical solution for a majority of businesses due to all of its benefits and advantages. Distribution and warehousing have never been easier. Reach out to JRC Dedicated Services for the highest quality Midwest distribution services today!

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