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What Is Third-Party Logistics?

With the rapid advancement of technology and the increased monetary benefit of efficient time management, more and more companies are interested in third-party logistics. Long gone are the days when companies focused on in-house operations as they no longer seemed to be the most productive solution. That’s especially true for smaller or online businesses that…
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What is a Dedicated CDL Driver?

There are many types of drivers, each best suited for different business models and needs. For businesses that deliver to repeat customers or if you want a driver who is assigned to work for your company only, a dedicated CDL driver may be right for you. A dedicated CDL driver is a driver who: Has…
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Understanding Freight Tendering

If you notice that your freight invoices come with a list of additional fees which are simply blowing your costs out of proportion, you might be wondering “what happened?” In most cases, these fees don’t carry a detailed explanation leaving people lost and confused. This is a problem for many people. Everyone wants to reduce…
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