Lincolnshire Warehousing and Trucking Services

If you need reliable warehousing, trucking, and logistics services in Lincolnshire, JRC can help by giving you better access and control over your inventory and shipments.

We offer comprehensive systems that can give your business what it needs to be successful. Our flexible low-cost solutions can make it easy to keep track of your products from storage to shipping.


Lincolnshire Warehousing and Distribution

We have invested in a comprehensive wireless warehouse management system that can effectively track every warehouse process, with a warehouse conveniently located near downtown Chicago.

You’ll benefit from accurate tracking of inventory, inventory visibility in real-time, online customer order entry, flexible reporting, and carton or pallet tracking for LIFO or FIFO inventory.

Shared Options

If you want a flat rate for Lincolnshire warehousing, we also offer shared warehousing options that allow you to enter a monthly contract for square footage.

You can freely use that space in our warehouse, and we’ll provide you with all of the equipment and labor you need to move in and out.

If work volume is high enough, we can also provide monthly labor.

Have any oversized or specialty items? We have plenty of experience in storing these types of products, with the proper equipment to handle a wide variety of loads.

Large Storage Space

Our warehouse can also accommodate for Lincolnshire cross docking and short-term warehousing operations.

Whatever your needs, JRC can help you with a complete Lincolnshire warehousing solution that meets your space and storage requirements.

We'll provide you with everything you need to cover your application, with the ability to efficiently transport and store a wide variety of products.

You'll know where your inventory is at all times with complete tracking capabilities that indicate where products are located from reception to shipping.

Managed Logistics Services

With our services behind your warehousing operation, you'll be able to experience maximum efficiency and care for your products without worrying about lost or broken products along with late shipments.

In addition to warehousing, we can also provide trucking and more to make sure every aspect of your operations benefits from the same level of competency.

We'll help eliminate concerns regarding your Lincolnshire warehousing, shipping, and logistics operations from beginning to end.

Lincolnshire Trucking Services

At JRC, you’ll have access to a full-service fleet of trucks that can handle same-day rush service and overnight FTL and LTL delivery for truckloads.

We have plenty of truck options to handle many different types of loads, including 53’-102’ trailers. We work hard to make sure customers get reliable service and on-time deliveries throughout the Chicago area.

Dedicated Trucking

We can customize by skid, time, cwt, or spot quote regardless of your shipment requirements and volume.

Our short haul Lincolnshire trucking services also include cross-docking and seasonal storage.

Turn to JRC for Lincolnshire Managed Logistics

Whatever your needs, JRC has the equipment and expertise to provide consistently reliable Lincolnshire warehousing and transportation through managed logistics.

We are a one-stop location for a complete distribution hub.

Our logistics capabilities include service for all rail yards and the port of Chicago with container services, with delivery, devanning, and distribution from our warehouse available, whether for national or international loads.

You’ll also have access to a fleet of 9 tractors and a selection of trailers for same-day LTL and FTL shipments, along with our 70,000 square-foot warehouse in Skokie.

3PL Company

As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) company, we can work with you to provide short-term storage, same-day delivery, and inventory control for many different types of products through complete Lincolnshire managed logistics services.

With our warehouse management system, you can track transactions and see where your inventory is in real-time with total transparency.

Contact us today for a complete Lincolnshire warehousing solution and others that can help you provide full support to your customers, with consistent reliability and efficiency. We’re ready to help you today.

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