Elmhurst Trucking and Warehousing Services

Looking for dependable warehousing, trucking, and logistics services in Elmhurst, Illinois? Turn to JRC for full access and control over your entire inventory and shipping operations with our comprehensive warehouse management system.

Using our flexible and affordable solutions, your business can excel, allowing you to track your products and transactions throughout each process, including storage and delivery.

Elmhurst Warehousing and Distribution

Through the use of your wireless warehouse management system, clients can track every warehouse process from our warehouse located near the Chicago metropolitan area.

This system provides accurate tracking of inventory, real-time visibility, flexible reporting, online customer order entry, and carton or pallet tracking for FIFO or LIFO products.

HOMESTEAD AIR RESERVE BASE, Fla. (AFPN) -- Trucks began arriving here to pre-position water, military rations, ice and tarps for the post-hurricane relief effort. The trucks, which began arriving Oct. 20, have delivered supplies from Key West to northern Miami-Dade County since the storm passed. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lisa M. Macias).

If you prefer a flat rate for Elmhurst warehousing, we offer shared warehousing options to give you plenty of space for operations in a fixed monthly contract.

Large Storage Facility

You'll have total control over that space, and we can provide you with all of the labor and equipment you need to swiftly move in and out.

We can also provide monthly labor if the volume of work demands it.

Get Warehousing Services in Elmhurst

Specialty and oversized items are often challenging to store and transport, but we keep it simple with the right equipment to handle and store these types of products. Elmhurst short-term warehousing and cross docking are also among the services we offer.

Trucking Services Customized For You

Need efficient and reliable trucking for your products?

We can also provide full access to a fleet of trucks to handle overnight or same-day rush deliveries for LTL and FTL truckloads, including specialty and oversized loads.

We offer plenty of options depending on the type of load, including 53'-102' truck trailers.

Elmhurst Trucking Company

Through our Elmhurst trucking services, you'll experience reliable and timely deliveries throughout Chicago and nearby suburbs.

You can customize shipments based on time, spot quote, cwt, or skid regardless of volume and shipping requirements.

Clients can also receive cross docking and seasonal storage with our trucking services.

Plenty of Storage Space in Our Facility

If you're in need of ample storage space to keep your products, we'll make sure you're content with our accommodations.

We have plenty of warehouse space for your business, whether you choose our shared or dedicated warehousing services.

Dedicated Warehousing

You'll benefit from top-quality services with room for all of your inventory, in addition to our other services.

Regardless of the extent of your requirements, our storage capabilities in Elmhurst can give you everything you need for consistently efficient operations.

Get Managed Logistics at JRC today!

Regardless of your shipping and storage needs, JRC can provide you with all of the equipment and systems you need for Elmhurst warehousing and trucking operations, with comprehensive Elmhurst managed logistics.

You can use our services in a one-stop distribution hub that helps you stay well within your available budget.

With our logistics services, all clients get access to rail yards throughout Chicago along with the port of Chicago, with container services that include delivery, distribution, and devanning from our warehouse in Skokie.

Professional Trucking Services

We can handle both international and national shipments, with a fleet of 9 tractors and several trailers for same-day FTL and LTL delivery. Our warehouse provides up to 70,000 square feet of space.

As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) company, we can provide same-day delivery, short-term warehouse storage, and inventory control for a wide variety of products with Elmhurst managed logistics.

Managed Logistics

You can track all transactions and inventory, with real-time visibility throughout each process.

If you would like a complete solution that allows you to fully support customers through Elmhurst warehousing, trucking, and logistics, contact JRC today.

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