1. Do you provide expedited services?

JRC offers expedited, overnight LTL delivery and same–day rush service for partial truckloads or truckloads throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.


2. Does JRC own its trucks?

JRC Dedicated Services does own its own trucks and offers dependable service at reasonable rates.


3. Can JRC accommodate special requests?

Yes, JRC can customize trucking and warehousing services in accordance to the customer’s requirements. We are capable of handling almost any size freight. If your freight requires special consideration, call us to discuss your shipment or warehousing requirements so that we can accommodate your needs.


4. What are your service areas?

Our freight service area covers Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana


5. Do you provide warehousing services?

Yes, JRC Warehousing Co., Inc. offers the personal service of a small company with the capabilities and resources of a big corporation.


6. How much time do we need to schedule a pick up of a shipment? What about emergency runs?

JRC always appreciates as much notice time as possible, we usually require 24 hour notice before the pick up for all truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL) services. Emergency runs or less than 24 hour notice — we will do our best to deliver your shipment on time.


7. How should our shipment be packed or prepared?

Make sure that your shipment is packaged so that the items are secure and protected. Items should be packed in cardboard boxes and placed on skids. Boxed/crated and palletized shipments should be secured to the pallet with binding, strapping or shrink/stretch wrap. Every box should be labeled. Each label should include the total pieces of your shipment (For example: mark boxes as: 1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8, etc.). Our driver will not load or unload the shipment. If the driver is required to go inside (beyond the front door or loading dock) to pick up or deliver a load, additional accessorial fees will apply. Skids should be tightly shrink wrapped.


8. How do I ship large or oversized items?

JRC can handle most oversized and overweight shipments. Please call our sales representative so that we can make arrangements with our preferred network of specialized freight carriers to ensure safe and on time delivery.


9. What is the basic procedure for shipping freight?

The standard procedure for shipping freight: a JRC truck driver arrives at the pick-up area and backs up to a loading dock; the shipment is then loaded by the shipper; JRC driver arrives at shipment destination loading dock to be unloaded by the consignee.


10. What types of freight items do you ship?

We do not handle shipping of items such as household goods, furniture, personal items, alcohol types of products, or hazardous materials. Note: We do not ship to residential addresses.


11. Do you guarantee shipping transport times?

We will do our best to deliver your freight on time and as promised, but please be aware that situations may arise due to accidents, weather conditions and traffic.


12. What happens when my shipment is not ready when the driver comes?

Make sure your freight is ready when you schedule a pick up to prevent any additional shipping charges. If your shipment is not ready when the driver arrives to pick it up, you could be charged a waiting fee. (Usually waiting time should not exceed 45 minutes).


13. Why is using a direct carrier or trucking company a better choice than using a broker?

It is usually better to have your own trusted company that is time tested. That way you can rest assured that your freight will be shipped on time and with care. Going with a freight broker you just never know who will be shipping and handling your freight.


14. What are accessorial fees?

An accessorial fee is accessed for any additional service beyond the standard shipping requirements.

Examples (Inside delivery, inside pick up, two men delivery, lift gate service and 2nd duplicated pick up fee):

– Inside delivery or inside pick up fee: If the driver is required to go inside the building beyond the loading dock to deliver a package or shipment.

– Two men shipping fee: If your shipping requires two men to load boxes or to unload them.

– Lift gate service fee: When a location does not have a shipping dock where the delivery is being delivered to often times you will need a lift gate service. A lift gate is a motorized platform attached to the back of a truck that can raised up and down.

– 2nd duplicated pick up fee: Any failed shipping delivery attempt that is assessed by the carrier.