5 Benefits of Short Term & Temporary Warehousing

Everything works fine until your business storage needs spike. The most common concerns at that point are whether you should build onto your existing storage building or use short term warehousing services. If you’re facing this decision for the first time, you should know the benefits of the options you are considering.

While building your own storage solutions can dry your budget and take too long to complete, a temporary warehouse space that complements your business needs may be too hard to find. Let’s see what benefits a temporary warehouse can offer so that you can make an informed warehousing decision.

What Is Short Term Warehousing?

Product demand fluctuates throughout the year, but these trends are easy to spot.

Short term warehousing refers to a warehousing service that is usually no longer than 3 months. This option allows companies in the retail and manufacturing industries to meet spikes in product demand.

At the same time, these companies save a lot of cash and time by having the opportunity to use the warehousing company’s resources and assets. Short term warehousing is often used by:

  • Start-ups
  • Retailers with spikes in seasonal demand
  • Companies with special projects that require additional warehousing space
  • Companies that regularly introduce new products

These companies choose short term warehousing because of the following benefits:

Temporary Warehouse Space is Affordable

Whether you’re running a small or medium-sized business, building or buying a warehousing space could be extremely bad for your budget. There are also other costs attached, such as permits, taxes, and maintenance.

On the other hand, short term warehousing solutions are very affordable. For example, temporary storage Chicago prices are not outside of the budget of even small start-ups. The pricing model reflects the time the goods will be stored and the space they will occupy.

Short Term Warehousing as A Sustainable Asset Protection

Many goods have to be stored properly to avoid damage. If you don’t save the products according to specifications, you will be risking damages, which can critically affect your bottom line. A temporary warehouse is perfect for sustainable asset protection.

Storing goods in one of these facilities will minimize the risk of them getting damaged. On top of that, these warehouses feature top-notch security systems to keep your goods away from the wrong hands.

Easy to Use

One of the most important aspects of a warehouse is its usability. Usability reflects the warehouse’s capacity to allow you to keep the goods organized, sorted, and easy to find. Modern lighting solutions allow temporary warehousing service providers to keep the space well-lit and your products easy to find.

There is also one more aspect that promotes ease of use - the modularity. If you need additional storage space, a temporary warehouse can quickly expand. Thanks to modular construction, space can be expanded at any time to fit more goods.

Scalability as An Option

Every once in a while, your market will provide you with an opportunity to grow and expand. These opportunities are not predictable, and you have to have a warehouse space ready for when they come.

Wasting money on a warehouse that you might never use is not an option. Using short term warehousing services is the smarter choice.

This allows you to take care of your core business processes and do what you do best.

Spot Stocking Enabled

A temporary warehouse is exceptionally beneficial for businesses with a seasonal product line. Thanks to this, companies can focus on production while warehouses on several locations stand by to receive goods and meet customer demands almost immediately.

As you can see, temporary storage facilities in Chicago and around the country offer plenty of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Asses your business needs to ensure that you choose the best warehousing solution. If you believe you could benefit from temporary or short term warehousing solutions, reach out to JRC Dedicated Services today!

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