Monthly Archives: April 2019

What to Look for in a Medical Supply Warehouse

Most businesses have to rely on warehousing to store and distribute their goods in the most efficient way possible. When it comes to medical supplies, however, it can be a bit more challenging finding the right warehouse that can fit all your needs. A reliable medical supply warehouse has to meet certain standards, and when…
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Distribution Advantages of Midwestern Warehousing

A lot of thought and planning goes into warehousing and logistics, regardless of the type of business you might be involved in. For a long time, the Midwest, and Chicago specifically, have been thought of as the ideal places for warehousing. What makes the Midwestern region so special, however, and what makes it the top…
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Why Chicago is a Major Logistics Hub

Ever since the Civil War, Chicago has been the sole center of US manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. Endless products travel through Chicago, almost every major manufacturer has warehouses there, and for the most part, every large business is looking to Chicago for expansion. But how did it come to all of this? Why is Chicago…
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