Dedicated Warehousing

Joe and Renee Cardella started JRC Warehousing in 2009 to better serve their trucking clients. They saw a need for short term and long term dedicated warehousing. By giving JRC’s clients better access and control over their inventory they were helping their clients grow their businesses. As the company grew, JRC invested in more space, better IT structure and staffing. Today the company has over 70,000 square feet of storage space in Skokie with a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) and an ever-growing staff.


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The Finest Warehousing Services In The Chicagoland Area

Many of our current customers are manufacturers that rely on us for Just in Time Inventory. We make multiple deliveries to them every day.

This requires accurate inventory control, automated order processing, timely picking and quality delivery service. You can rely on JRC to provide you with the same quality dedicated warehousing service every day.  We’ll make sure you enjoy the benefits of using our services to further improve your operations. We have the capabilities to cover nearly every aspect of your transportation, storage and logistics, with some of the best services in the Chicagoland area.

Comprehensive Wireless Warehouse Management System

JRC has invested in a comprehensive wireless warehouse management system.

Every step in the warehouse process is tracked and gives our customers the following:

  • Accurate tracking of inventory
  • Online customer order entry
  • Real time inventory visibility for our clients
  • Flexible reporting
  • Pallet or carton tracking for FIFO or LIFO inventory

Contract & Shared Permanent Warehousing Options

Some customers need a flat rate each month for planning purposes. They enter a monthly contract for square footage.

That portion of our warehouse space becomes theirs. We provide labor and equipment as needed to move inventory in and out of the warehouse. If the volume warrants, monthly labor can be contracted too. The end result is an optimized solution for our clients' warehousing needs that can significantly improve their operations in the long term, giving them access to a warehouse that they can call their own. You’ll be able to get a complete custom solution that gives you everything you need for success, whether you’re in need of a small warehouse space or a larger warehouse all to yourself. We’ll ensure you get what you need.

Shared Long Term Warehousing Services and Benefits

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We are also able to serve clients with a flexible low cost solution. We store multiple clients’ inventory in a shared space. Pricing for each client is determined by how much space is actually used. Pricing by pallet or item actually in the warehouse lowers costs during low volume periods for seasonal clients.

Flexible Shared Warehousing Services

Shared warehousing may not give clients the same level of control they will experience with a dedicated warehouse, but it can help ease cost and even decrease them if more people are sharing the same space. If your operations allow for it, a shared warehouse space can help you save money while increasing your operational capabilities. A shared warehousing space can give you many of the same benefits as dedicated services, but this is ideal for smaller operations. We'll make sure you have plenty of space to perform all warehousing operations, with staff available to help you move in and out. You'll be able to make the most of the space available without worrying about others interfering with your operations at any time.

Permanent Storage of Oversized & Specialty Items

JRC has a great deal of experience in storing and handling over-sized products permanently. All of our equipment and docks can handle heavy and unique loads. Whether it is an oversized crate or large piece of production machinery, JRC can help you store and move them. Regardless of the size of your inventory, we have the ability to accommodate all of your products and equipment through our dedicated short-term warehousing or long-term warehousing solutions. You'll never need to worry about whether we can store your items with our services. Regardless of the size of your items, we have the space and the equipment necessary to properly handle and store it.

Chicago Dedicated & Efficient Trucking Services

Along with long term warehouse storage, we also offer dedicated trucking services that can help ensure that deliveries ship out and arrive on time for consistent quality and reliability. In addition to helping you remain happy with our services, we'll work with you to keep your customers happy with yours.

Dedicated Warehouse Storage Solutions and Trucking

With a combination of our dedicated warehousing and trucking services, your business will benefit from a complete solution that's optimized specifically for your operations. You’ll be able to see a clear-cut difference in your operations’ efficiency with a combination of our trucking and dedicated warehousing services. We’re your one-stop service center for all of your storage and shipping needs.

Convenient Long Term Warehouse Storage in Chicagoland

If you want a long-term operation, it's ideal to have a reliable permanent warehousing solution that can accommodate your inventory and logistics needs. We can help with great dedicated warehousing services that give you everything you need, in addition to other transportation and logistics services. You'll get everything you need with JRC Dedicated Services behind your business. You can rely on our services to provide you with the best warehousing solution that gives you consistent results for many years. We can also modify our services to further accommodate your operations as your business grows and changes, maintaining convenience. You can benefit from top-tier dedicated warehousing and much more with us, giving you everything you need to maximize your company’s efficiency from storage to delivery. We work to keep you happy while also helping ensure that your customers are equally satisfied.

Reliable Warehouse Management Services in Chicago and Other Locations

JRC serves Chicago and its northern suburbs including Skokie, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook and Waukegan. Our warehousing services are conveniently located near many industrial and commercial zones and close to major highways and transportation routes. Where to store your inventory should be the first component to deciding on a warehouse vendor. Your warehouse should either be convenient to you or to your customer for timely delivery. A warehouse near you allows easy access for inspection and ability to handle any extraordinary issues that may arise. By being near your customer timely or emergency delivery can occur. Either one reduces cost and puts you closer to your supply chain.

Other Services from JRC

In addition to dedicated warehousing, we offer a selection of other services to further improve your business operations. One of the services we offer is trucking, with short haul, dedicated, and LTL trucking capabilities depending on your needs. We also offer logistics for shipping containers, FTL trucking, and warehousing operations, as one of the most reliable third party logistics companies in Chicago. Our experienced staff has worked with many different companies across a wide range of industries, with the ability to give you everything you need for smooth operations. You'll benefit from consistently top-quality service, whether you need warehousing, trucking, or logistics. You can gain access to a full fleet of trucks for all trucking operations, make use of our ample warehousing space to store all of your inventory, or take advantage of innovative technology for logistics.

Work with One of the Most Dependable Chicago Warehouse Companies

Regardless of the needs of your operation, we'll work to provide the most compatible solution for your business. We'll make sure no aspect of your trucking or warehousing is overlooked. We'll provide you with reliable service that can help your company excel, keeping both you and your customers satisfied. Your company will benefit from maximized efficiency of operation and dependable performance. You won't need to be concerned about any vulnerability that might otherwise hinder productivity and profitability. We're devoted to providing each client with custom solutions that work for them.

Is A Dedicated Warehousing Service Right For You?

Want a better warehouse? Contact us for a free quote or to discuss your warehousing needs, along with the rest of our services. We’re ready to help you get the most from your warehousing and shipping operations, with services tailored to meet your individual needs.


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