Highland Park Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing services are a common need of business in the Highland Park area. Fortunately, JRC provides numerous warehousing services that will allow every company owner to rest easy.

For years, JRC has been a leading provider of safe and reliable warehousing options for businesses in the Highland Park area.

Warehousing Services

Recently, our warehousing services have expanded their reach to include trucking services and managed logistics in Highland Park.

This complete suite of services has made us a one-stop shop for a myriad of businesses in the region.

We also provide first-line technology that allows customers to monitor their goods in real-time.

Exceptional Warehousing Services in Highland Park

The foundation of our business is customer service. Our warehousing options are much more than storage because of the assistance we provide our customers during their transitions in and out of the warehouse.

Our equipment is able to safely move antique items, fragile inventory, and awkwardly sized goods.

Large Storage Space

Clients who are in need of a large warehouse will be able to take advantage of our trained professionals who will furnish hands-on help that will ease the move in and out of our warehouses.

Our customers can relax knowing that our experienced professionals are there to lend a hand.

3rd Party Logistics Services

At JRC, we know that companies will take all of the help that they can get when it comes to staying under budget.

That is why we offer payment plans that range from price per square foot to one, low, flat, monthly fee. We can even blend the two plans together if our business owners prefer.

Long-Term Warehousing

Regardless of whether someone needs long-term warehouse storage or requires a short-term stay, we will work closely with our clients to ensure that all of their needs have been met.

Highland Park Warehousing Management Services

We offer an advanced wireless management server that gives all of our clients the technology to follow their orders live.

While this remote technology suits many people, others may prefer to inspect their inventory in person. For this reason, our warehouse is located conveniently on the port of Chicago.


This means that customers can have easy access to the nearby railways and waterways in addition to helpful debarking and devanning services that will smooth every transition.

Finally, we also offer LIFO and FIFO pallet tracking services in Highland Park that include reporting options. This includes cross-docking services for customers who require it.

Additional Trucking and Managed Logistics in Highland Park

We offer a wide variety of trucking services in Highland Park.

Our dedicated private trucking fleet will process rush orders, LTL, and FTL deliveries on-time on a consistent basis.

Professional Trucking and Warehousing

Our seasonal options also include cross-docking and short-haul trucking services.

We offer managed and third-party logistics in Highland Park that can track all of the orders to make sure that they are arriving on-time.

Those who are interested in learning more should call JRC today. Our warehousing and ancillary services in Highland Park can provide valuable assistance to every business.

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